Widya Wicara's AI Solution: Indonesian Text-to-Speech

Specializing in AI technology, Widya Wicara is actively developing features such as Text-To-Speech, Speech-To-Text, Virtual Voice Over, Widya Audio Widget, Audio Book, and Virtual News Anchor, with upcoming additions like Chatbot and Voicebot.

Defi Ariyani, Head of Business Development at Widya Wicara, emphasized the startup's commitment to contributing significantly to media enthusiasts and content creators.

The platform integrates with APIs, supports voice customization, and ensures high accuracy, reaching up to 96%.

Widya Wicara's Text-To-Speech technology stands out for its ability to produce voices closely resembling the original speakers, thanks to Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Additionally, features like Audio Widget and Audio Book contribute to content creation, particularly for tutorials and news, offering valuable assistance to users.

Virtual Voice Over, introduced at the GIIAS event, allows users to conduct audio production 24/7, significantly reducing production costs and time.

The feature provides over 7 customizable voices and avatars, delivering significant cost-cutting benefits for production.

Widya Wicara also showcased Virtual News Anchor, a technology designed to assist media enthusiasts in creating news presentations akin to studio news anchors.

and integrated Text-To-Speech features across various applications contribute to the evolution of media and content creation.

In summary, Widya Wicara's high-accuracy AI capabilities, rapid response times,