Top 5 Free Text-to-Speech Apps: Android & iPhone

Speechify, available on Android and iOS, is a versatile text-to-speech app with diverse import options, supporting over 100 voices in multiple languages, including premium celebrity voices. While it lacks MP3 saving, sharing through generated links is easy without requiring an account.

1. Speechify

NaturalReader on Android and iOS offers a clean interface for converting written content into spoken words, supporting various input sources. It provides a range of audio options, allowing free users limited access to premium voices. Customization options and MP3 downloads are available with the Plus Plan subscription.

2. NaturalReader

Designed for users with speech difficulties, Spoken on Android and iOS facilitates easy sentence formation through tapping. It features over 10 natural-sounding voices, customization options, and support for various input methods. While the free account has word limits, a premium account unlocks additional features.

3. Spoken

Speech Central, on Android and iOS, is ideal for those who prefer listening to online articles. It organizes content into Headlines and Books & Articles sections, offering customization options for text-to-speech functionality. Multi-language support is available, but the free account has limitations on daily articles, with a pro plan for unrestricted access.

4. Speech Central

Narrator's Voice, accessible on Android and iOS, supports diverse languages with various tones. No account is needed for basic usage, and the app accepts various input sources. While there are occasional crashes and ads in the free version, a premium account offers an enhanced experience.

5. Narrator's Voice