Top 10 Text-to-Speech Generators - Jan '24 is an award-winning AI-driven voice generator and text-to-speech platform with a user-friendly interface. Its recent addition, Genny, brings text-to-speech and video editing capabilities, offering over 500 AI voices in 20+ emotions and 150+ languages. Professionals and content creators appreciate its granular control and innovative features.


Speechify excels as a web-based text-to-speech platform, supporting over 30 voices in 15 languages. It transforms text from various formats into natural-sounding speech, providing flexibility in adjusting reading speed. The platform seamlessly processes scanned printed text and offers browser extensions for Chrome and Safari.

2. Speechify

Murf is a popular AI voice generator for professionals, offering over 100 voices across 15 languages. It provides customization options for tone, accents, and more, along with an integrated video editor and a voice changer. Murf caters to a diverse range of applications, allowing users to create dynamic and expressive voiceovers.

3. Murf

Synthesys leads in AI text-to-speech generators, enabling effortless production of professional voiceovers and videos. With a library of 34 female and 35 male voices, it supports customization, emphasizing specific words for diverse emotions. Synthesys finds applications in sales videos, animations, and offers a preview mode for quick adjustments.

4. Synthesys

ElevenLabs, powered by AI, delivers realistic and expressive AI voices for applications like audiobooks, videos, and podcasts. Known for its clean interface, affordability, and a diverse roster of AI voices available 24/7, ElevenLabs ensures user-friendly operation and dedicated support.

5. ElevenLabs

WellSaid is a web-based authoring tool using Generative AI Voices to create efficient voiceovers. With over 50 AI voices in different styles, genders, and accents, it offers a unique Pronunciation Library for precise control. WellSaid provides a straightforward start with no credit card required, making it ideal for content creators.

6. WellSaid Labs

Deepbrain AI simplifies the creation of AI-generated videos from basic text in minutes. With an intuitive three-step process, it offers custom-made AI avatars and significant time savings in video production, catering to various content creation needs.

7. Deepbrain AI

Fliki streamlines video creation through a script-based editor, featuring over 2000 realistic Text-to-Speech voices in 75+ languages. Uniquely combining text-to-video AI and text-to-speech AI, Fliki serves diverse content creation needs, from educational videos to social media content.

8. Fliki

FineShare efficiently generates lifelike voiceovers with over 220 AI voices supporting 40+ languages. Focused on enhancing user engagement, it instantly converts various content types into high-definition audio, serving diverse needs, including YouTube videos, podcasts, and audiobooks.

9. FineShare is a powerful text-to-speech generator leveraging AI from IBM, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. Offering real-time voice synthesis with over 570 accents and voices, it facilitates the conversion of text into natural voices. The tool's versatility extends to creating voice-overs for videos, e-learning, podcasting, and more, providing users with an array of customization options.