Breakthrough ICs for AVAS in xEVs

Traditional methods utilizing MCUs for generating warning sounds pose challenges, including intricate pitch and volume control and adjustments matching vehicle geometry.

As society moves towards carbon neutrality, the rising number of silent HEVs and EVs necessitates the implementation of AVAS regulations, requiring a warning sound for pedestrian awareness.

aiming for high-fidelity sounds via a unique hardware-based configuration.

LAPIS Technology responds to this by introducing innovative products that alleviate the development burden through speech synthesis ICs,

Simultaneously, user-friendly GUI software ensures compliance with AVAS regulations regarding volume and frequency characteristics.

The ICs incorporate essential hardware functions like warning sound generators, faders, and equalizers. Unlike MCU-dependent designs, this hardware configuration eliminates the need for software validation, significantly reducing development time.

Additionally, a fault detection function is included to identify communication errors with the main controller and oscillation issues caused by external components, thereby enhancing overall vehicle reliability.

Controlled by straightforward commands, these new ICs enable the initiation of warning sounds in under one-tenth of the time taken by conventional MCU-generated systems.

The development of this groundbreaking technology marks a significant step towards efficient and reliable AVAS implementation in electric vehicles.

These ICs find diverse applications, including AVAS and external vehicle alert sounds such as sliding door open/close and charging completion.